Food Fight: Days 5, 6 and 7

Day 5—January 11th

In the morning, we had a presentation on the evolution of Spanish politics from Franco’s death in 1975 up until now. During Franco’s rule, Spain had a military dictatorship. Following his death, they made a rapid and somewhat messy transition to a constitutional monarchy. A constitutional monarchy includes a king or queen (monarch) but also a parliament and prime minister who actually has more power than the monarch as far as policy making is concerned. Continue reading

Food Fight: Days 3-4

Day 3—January 9th
Oh man. Today was awesome. We went on a kind of crazy hike that I don’t think we were terribly prepared for. Being from Colorado, we expect a hike to be rocky and have very mountainous terrain. This was pretty much just straight up a hill on a paved street. It was beautiful once we got to the top, but quite a hike to get there. The whole point of the hike was to get to a restaurant for a calçotada. A calçotada is a feast of calçots that usually happens this time of year. Calçots are a vegetable that is kind of a cross between an onion and a leek. They are more similar to a leek in flavor but look like an oversizeallion. During a calçotada, the calçots are cooked over a fire until the outside is charred but the inside is warm and tender. Then everyone dons a bib, takes off the outer charred layer, dips it in the calçot sauce and bottoms up! It was so much fun and an awesome excuse to get messy with our food. Continue reading

Food Fight! Days 1-2

Foreword: Over the next few days, we will be publishing a student’s retelling of her stay with BarcelonaSAE. Isabel Elliot is an undergraduate neuroscience major at Boston University and was a participant in our first 10-day January-term program called FOOD FIGHT: Constructing and Communicating Regional Identity in Spain and the EU with communications students from the University of Colorado Denver. In her own words, here are the first of Isabel’s entries that will bring satisfaction to both travelers and foodies alike.
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