What's Included
  • Guaranteed internship placement
  • Some intensive Spanish classes
  • Airport pick-up
  • Housing for the duration of the program
  • Several cultural activities
  • 24 hour support services
  • Medical and Accident insurance
  • Full-time, English Speaking staff
  • Orientation and re-entry workshops
  • Pre-departure advising
  • Independent Travel Advice
  • Alumni and Career Services
  • International Business Coaching
  • Placement tailored to your interests
  • Cultural integration activities
  • Career coaching
Featured Intern
Lindsey Pollock Freelance Graphic Designer
Program: Barcelona Internships

The internship and program experience was incredibly valuable. I learned a great deal and was abl...   Read More

Milton Segarra University of Puerto Rico
Program: Barcelona Internships

During my internship in Barcelona, I was in charge of looking up clippings for two of their clien...   Read More

Abbie W. University of Minnesota
Program: Barcelona Internships

"I would not have been hired for my new job without my Barcelona Internship Experience!"  


Depending on the program you choose, these are the possible excursions:

Barcelona Internships


Would you like to gain real work experience in your field while living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe? With Barcelona SAE, you can work at an international organization in Barcelona, improve your Spanish, and immerse yourself in the local culture all while boosting your resume!

There are many benefits to participating in an international internship!  Your internship in Barcelona can help you to:

   · Enhance your resume with an internship customized to meet your needs
   · Gain relevant work experience
   · Learn about global business practices
   · Create an international network in your field
   · Improve your Spanish Language skills
   · Develop valuable intercultural communication skills
   · Use your experience for future job interviews and beyond!

Barcelona SAE has customizable placements in the following fields:

   • International Business
   • Accounting
   • Communications
   • Entrepreneurship
   • Marketing
   • Animation
   • Architecture
   • Culinary Arts
   • Dance
   • Education
   • Event Planning
   • Fashion
   • Health & Fitness
   • Hospitality/Tourism
   • Government & Politics
   • Journalism
   • Information Technology
   • Photography
   • Public Relations
   • Theatre