Maximize the Experience

What Can Parents do to Help?

While fully recognizing that the majority of our participants are college students and therefore adults, we view parents and guardians as partners and collaborators in preparing all of our Barcelona SAE participants. We welcome your involvement throughout the Barcelona experience and would like to share our ideas about how you can help your son or daughter to maximize his or her experience abroad. Know that your support and ongoing communication, both before and during their program, can be an instrumental part of your son or daughter’s success.

As former study abroad or internship participants ourselves, all Barcelona SAE staff members are intimately aware of the personal and professional growth that result from international experiences, yet we can fully relate to the anxiety and nerves that affect many parents/guardians in the pre-departure phase and well into the abroad experience itself. Putting your son or daughter on a plane to a distant — and often unknown– location is heart wrenching, even when you know it is to their benefit! We get it, and we’re here to support our participants (and their families!) every step of the way.

We have created this list of what you can expect from Barcelona SAE as parents/guardians, as well as our expectations regarding how you can assist your son or daughter as they embark on the Barcelona experience of a lifetime.

Assurances from Barcelona SAE
  • Barcelona SAE has a team of education abroad experts in both our United States and Barcelona offices, and we’re fully committed to delivering high-quality student services and programs for all of our participants.
  • Barcelona SAE offers high-quality academic and cultural opportunities for your son or daughter, seeking to push them outside of their comfort zones. Our cultural activities, day trips, and weekend excursions have all been carefully selected with the goal of providing students with a broader vision of Barcelona, Spain, and the rest of the world.
  • Barcelona SAE will place your son or daughter in accommodations that have been thoroughly investigated on the basis of quality, safety and convenience. Safety can never be guaranteed, but Barcelona SAE believes that ongoing reviews of our housing options can help to mitigate risk.
  • Barcelona SAE will send detailed information and communications to your son or daughter throughout the study abroad or internship experience: before, during and post-program. We will also communicate with your student’s home institution whenever warranted.
  • Barcelona SAE will monitor potential social and political unrest abroad and provide your student with instructions regarding how to respond safely. We will also notify your student’s home institution of the situation, sharing how Barcelona SAE is monitoring and handling matters on the ground.
  • Barcelona SAE has established extensive health and safety policies to keep all of our participants happy, healthy, and safe.
  • Barcelona SAE provides 24/7 contact information for our emergency phone, which is carried by an onsite staff member at all times.
  • Parents and guardians are able to reach the Barcelona SAE United States staff during business hours or, in case of an emergency, after hours by calling 1-800-226-1232 and following the prompts for our emergency messaging service.
  • Barcelona SAE will seek to empower your son or daughter to handle most situations independently, but may choose to involve parents/guardians during emergencies. Parents can expect support and timely responses whenever they seek out Barcelona SAE expertise in emergency situations.