The Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador Program is a professional development opportunity for recent alumni. Our Alumni Ambassadors develop and implement projects to promote study abroad on their home campuses and have access to exclusive professional development workshops, individualized coaching, and leadership opportunities in the field of international education and beyond. Ambassadors serve as peer mentors for students interested in studying in Barcelona, and have a unique platform from which to share their stories, stay connected with their experiences abroad, and continue building an international network.

Angelika Gasior
University of Michigan

AngelikaAngelika is from the suburbs of Chicago but she attends the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. During her Spring 2024 semester with Barcelona SAE, she took classes at both the School for International Studies (SIS) and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). Her top recommendation for Barcelona is to go to the events hosted by Barcelona SAE and try to talk to everyone, especially as you first arrive to Barcelona. She was able to meet a lot of her friends and got to know some of the local students that way as well. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Angelika's Barcelona expertise includes living in a homestay, learning the language, meeting local students, and establishing a routine.


Alanis Castro
Susquehanna University

Captura de pantalla 2024-05-10 a las 11.32.26Alanis is a student at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania. She studied abroad at the School for International Studies (SIS) during the Spring 2024 semester. Born in Puerto Rico with Spanish as her first language, Alanis had a unique perspective on immersing herself in Catalan culture. She recommends starting a day in BCN with a visit to Backstory (an English bookstore), followed by a coffee at Billy Brunch. Her Puerto Rican roots influenced her interactions abroad by allowing her to connect with locals. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, she looks forward to sharing tips with fellow students on forming genuine friendships and embracing Barcelona's vibrant spirit of community.



Abby Russ
University of South Alabama

AbbyAbby lives in Mobile, Alabama, and attends the University of South Alabama. She completed an internship through Barcelona SAE during the Spring 2024 semester. Her top Barcelona recommendation is to take a stroll through the Parc de la Ciutadella on a Sunday. Between the rowboats on the lake, groups of people dancing, and cute couples enjoying picnics on the grass, it feels like a whole different world. Abby loves walking and doing spontaneous things, which came in handy in Barcelona to find new things. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, she would love to discuss her homestay experience with future students - how they became her second family, helped her avoid feeling homesick, and helped her get to know the city of Barcelona.


Cristina Montes
University of Miami

CristinaCristina is from Miami, Florida, and studies at the University of Miami. She studied at the School for International Studies during the Spring 2024 semester. One thing she would recommend to someone studying in Barcelona is to stay in the city for some weekends and really immerse yourself in the culture by going to plazas (squares), museums, and markets! Something that most people don't know about Cristina is that she is very creative and she loves crafts; she enjoyed getting to embrace that side of herself while studying abroad through her SIS classes. As Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Cristina would love to speak about her homestay experience and how to get more comfortable when outside your comfort zone.



Ameera Mazraany
University of Miami

AmeeraAmeera is from Andover, Massachusetts, and she goes to the University of Miami. She was a School for International Studies (SIS) student in Spring 2024, and her top recommendation for students in Barcelona is to explore the Gothic Quarter and check out the vintage shops. It’s a great way to connect with locals that are passionate about the area and find unique pieces to bring home with you as a reminder of your semester abroad! A fun fact about Ameera is that she is half Lebanese and she speaks Arabic! Her favorite class she took at SIS was Cross-Cultural Approach to Psychology, where she learned about the steps of being a sojourner and how to handle homesickness, so as a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Ameera would love to speak to students about adjusting to a new culture, experiencing culture shock, and battling homesickness.


Nicholas Karapelou
University of Miami


Nicholas studied abroad at the School for International Studies during the Spring 2024 semester. He grew up in Media, a suburb outside of Philadelphia, and he is a student at the University of Miami. His top recommendation in Barcelona is to go to the monastery of Montserrat and hike around to see all of the breathtaking views. A fun fact about Nicholas is that he is a humongous Philadelphia sports fan. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, his Barcelona expertise consists of his experience studying at SIS, exploring the city, finding good food, and anything else that he can help future students with.



Andres Vazquez
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

AndresAndres Vazquez is an Urban Planning student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He studied abroad in Barcelona during the Spring 2024 semester, taking classes both at the School for International Studies (SIS) and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). A little known fact about Andres is that he has hiked part of the continental divide. His best recommendation for Barcelona is going to authentic restaurants and trying the amazing Catalan cuisine. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, his expertise is on academics at both SIS and the UPF, social organizations and meeting locals, living in a homestay, and playing pick up football.

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