My name is Hurren Ambu Saidi and I am a Global Business Management student from the University of South Florida. I completed a Barcelona SAE Virtual Internship program in the summer of 2021. Due to COVID-19, I chose to complete a virtual internship of 6 weeks.

I chose the Barcelona SAE Virtual Internship program because it included everything I was looking for. It meets all of the requirements for my courses to meet graduation requirements. It also offers tons of resources, the staff was so helpful and respectful, and not to mention that its price is super affordable. In addition, my experience with Barcelona SAE was fabulous. Even though my experience was run remotely, I had so much fun, gained unbelievable skills, and learned many many valuable things that will benefit me in work and life.

I was honored to work with my internship company, which is still in its early stages, and it was such a valuable experience for me!  It’s clear that their leadership team is making an effort to prove what their business offers, and I am sure that they will reap great success very soon.

What I liked about my internship company is that there is a passionate story behind it. The company aims to create an unnatural parallel universe of joyful colors, shapes, and images, with the central focus on spreading positivity and happiness. Also, it supports young talented people.

I was initially nervous to start my internship, as it was my first time. I did not know the nature of the company or how it would go, but the company that I worked with made me feel so comfortable in the first week of working with them. They regularly logged the performance of my weekly tasks in documents and uploaded data to a centralized database. This allowed me to be informed about my new tasks and about my work performance. Also, the company kept all information about its customers, organizational processes, and strategy implementation in the same database. 

As an intern, it was a great opportunity for me to become part of an organization where learning is exponential and given great importance. I’ve gained diverse skills that I can now cultivate and practice. As a marketing intern, my job revolved around 4 tasks – while this may seem like few, it shouldn’t be underestimated. The tasks were very useful to the company and helped me to gain skills that I will undoubtedly use in the field of business.

I strongly recommend taking part in a Barcelona SAE program, whether you choose to study or intern, and whether it’s virtually or in-person.

Hurren Ambu Saidi

Hurren Ambu Saidi

Hurren is a Global Business Management student from the University of South Florida - Tampa, and interned virtually during Summer 2021.



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