If you're feeling nervous about embarking on this life-changing experience like I was, let me reassure you: there's nothing to worry about!

Food has been a wonderful way for my host family and I to bond. Over the course of this semester, we've grown incredibly close, and my time in Barcelona wouldn't have been the same without them. So, today, I'm excited to share with you my top 5 food recommendations, which were lovingly passed on to me by my amazing host mom, Vivi!


My first night in Barcelona my host family and I walked around our neighborhood and they began to point out their go-to places and lo and behold, we walked past Waffle! 

Waffle is a must try for any brunch fans or when you are craving a pancake and bacon brunch. All of the friends that I have taken to Waffle have absolutely loved it - the best is when you get a waffle before going to the airport! According to my host mom you must go to Waffle, not the restaurants next to it.

I personally have loved their avocado toast, veggie omelette (I added bacon), and the "Delicious" brunch menu! A meal here will cost you around 10-15 euros.

Omelette Delicious brunch Avocado toast

Baby Jalebi

The next place I would like to recommend is Baby Jalebi! This place is truly delicious, and the decorations are super cute as well!

My top recommendations here are the Chicken Korma, the Classic Chicken Curry, the Chicken Tikka Tandoori Massala, the Channa Dal, and the Mango Lassi! My roommate and I loved this place! If you are sensitive to spice I would recommend getting the mild spice level, as I would say that the medium and hot are definitely pretty hot! 

A meal at Baby Jalebi will cost you around 15-20 euros. They have two locations, but I always went to this location on Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes.

The fish and chips spot around the corner is also owned by the same family according to my host mom. Although I did not try that restaurant out, I am sure it is also delicious, as my host mom and brother raved about it.

Zero 20

About two weeks into my semester in Barcelona I was craving a Al Pastor tacos really badly, and Zero 20 did not disappoint! Although a bit pricey, if you are craving a genuine cactus or Al Pastor taco, these will do the trick! One of my host mom’s friends recommended this place to her and she then recommended it to me.

My recommendations here are obviously the cactus and Al Pastor tacos, as well as the nachos with meat. My friend got the Huarache and it was also pretty good. A meal here will cost you around 20 euros. 


If you love a good burger, head on over to Bacoa! I did not realize how much I missed good burgers until I bit into a Bacoa burger. Here, I recommend all the burgers. They cook them fresh when you order them! My go-tos are the classic Bacoa burger and the Australian one, which has beets on it!

A meal here will cost you around 10 to 15 euros.


And if you're craving a sweet treat after hitting one of these amazing restaurants, try Demasié! My 10 year old host brother loves Demasié, so it was a no brainer to check them out. I absolutely loved the red velvet cookie and the kinder bueno one! My host mom recommended the cinnamon rolls (which is what Demasié is known for) but I absolutely loved the cookies!

I would say depending on what you get, you might spend 4 to 10 euros here. There are various locations, but I visited the one linked above.

Pizzeria La Gavina

As a bonus, I would like to recommend a pizzeria that my friend Chris’ host family recommended, Pizzeria La Gavina! No joke, this was absolutely the best pizza I have ever had - I can't recommend it enough. I recommend going with friends and ordering different pizzas to share! The decor inside is also unique to say the least. 

If you visit, you MUST order the mushroom and truffle one, I have never had anything like it. One of my friends got the 5 cheese one and I got the one with jamón (Spanish ham), avocado, and arugula.

A pizza here is around 15 euros, and it's totally worth it!

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There's nothing more beautiful than sharing a good meal with good company, and if you are with a host family, I absolutely recommend you ask them for recommendations, not only will this help you bond, but you will most likely get to try amazing food!

Hasta la próxima, 


Cynthia Castro

Cynthia Castro

Cynthia is a Sociology and International & Global Studies double major at Illinois Wesleyan University. During her Spring 2024 semester in Barcelona, she took classes at the School for International Studies (SIS) and completed a communications internship at a local company. She also lived with a host family!



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