If I found a way, I would keep running back to you…

Till the moment I looked up to my most beautiful balcony from the entrance of the building as my tears dropped in your roads, I was blind to your magic in my life, Barcelona. I keep missing you. If I were to give you a character, Barcelona, you’d be my dearest lover. The one I keep running back to. You are a brunette, with the deepest and the most beautiful eyes. I know we can’t be together and we keep building the love which will also disconnect us, but we love it, as of now. That’s what matters for both of us.

Barcelona, you are more than just a city to me; you are the embodiment of passion, adventure, and romance. From the moment I first set foot on your sun-drenched streets, I was captivated by your allure, drawn in by your magnetic charm like a moth to a flame. In your embrace, Barcelona, I found a love unlike any other. You welcomed me with open arms, enveloping me in your warmth and filling my days with endless possibilities. We danced through the night under the stars, lost in the rhythm of your heartbeat echoing through the cobblestone streets.

El Raval, your vibrant neighborhood, became our secret rendezvous, where we shared intimate moments in cozy cafes. It was there that I met the most beautiful souls, each cup of coffee a chapter in our love story, each conversation a symphony of laughter and connection. Our connection deepened with each passing day as I explored your every corner, from the bustling energy of La Rambla to the serene beauty of Park Güell. Each landmark held a piece of our story, from the sunsets we watched at the Bunkers del Carmel to the late-night walks we took along Barceloneta Beach, the sound of the waves mingling with the laughter of lovers and friends. And when night fell, we would find ourselves swept up in the pulsating rhythm of your techno parties, the music a heartbeat of its own, drawing us closer together in the darkness.

Through it all, Barcelona, you kept me safe, cradling me in your embrace and guiding me through the labyrinth of your streets with a gentle hand. Even in the midst of chaos, I felt a sense of calm knowing that you were watching over me, a guardian angel guiding me home. And though our time together may be coming to an end, Barcelona, know that our connection runs deeper than mere words can express. You are not just a city to me; you are my muse, my inspiration, my one true love. And though we may be separated by miles and oceans, our bond is unbreakable, our connection everlasting.

So until we meet again, my beloved Barcelona, know that you will always hold a special place in my heart. And until then, I will carry your memory with me, like a cherished keepsake, until the day comes when I can once again lose myself in your embrace.

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To learn more about Lilit's semester in Barcelona, watch her vlog below! 


Lilit Grigoryan

Lilit Grigoryan

Lilit is a Quantitative Economics major at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. During her semester in Barcelona, she took classes at the School for International Studies (SIS) and completed a business and economics internship.



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