Montserrat is a gorgeous mountain that sits one hour from Barcelona. Many people go to hike or take the cable car up to catch the beautiful view. During my semester in Barcelona, I hiked Montserrat with some friends and though it was one of my most challenging experiences, it put studying abroad in a different perspective for me. 

This poem was written as encouragement for anyone whether you are studying abroad or not to simply keep going because there is something beautiful destined for you on the other side. You just have to keep going to see it!

there is an excitement about uncertainty  

you feel joy, bliss, and a bit of fear 

in a good way  

you have seen the pictures, the videos  

everything through someone else’s lens  

but YOU have not experienced it for yourself yet  



you have arrived at your destination 

at least you think so 

still full of excitement  

and a bit of curiosity  

overwhelmed with the beauty of the new 

the beginning.  


the first step 

the real test of character  

the decision.


ten minutes  

still full of excitement  

and a bit of curiosity  

but now 

adversity has made its entrance 







since the beginning of time 

doubt v. hope 

you are designed to win

but a win is determined by its beholder  

one hour 

excitement depleted  

is this my loss?



since the beginning of time 

doubt v. hope 

I encountered a man with his daughter  

he asks 

“que idiomas prefieres” 


I respond 

impact is a game changer  

one person 

one event 

one message  

and his was 

“The worse thing you can do is stop. You have to keep moving because if you stop,  it’ll be a lot harder to keep going. Instead, it’s okay to slow down, just don’t stop  moving.”  



drive is 

a crazy thing 

impact’s best friend  

and mine was  

his message.


the last step 

the true grade of character 

a win determined by its beholder 

an experience through my lens 

the real beauty 

appreciation for the journey 



you have arrived at your destination 

this time, I know

Rosalina Macon

Rosalina Macon

Rosalina is a Psychology student from North Carolina A&T State University, and studied abroad at the UB during Fall 2023. She now serves as a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador for Spring 2024.



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