The Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador Program is a professional development opportunity for recent alumni. Our Alumni Ambassadors develop and implement projects topromote study abroad on their home campuses and have access to exclusive professional development workshops, individualized coaching, and leadership opportunities in the field of international education and beyond. Ambassadors serve as peer mentors for students interested in studying in Barcelona, and have a unique platform from which to share their stories, stay connected with their experiences abroad, and continue building an international network.

Dakota Banks
University of Miami

Dakota is a student at the University of Miami in Florida where he studies International Studies coupled with a business minor. During breaks from school, Dakota enjoys traveling around the states, visiting family in both Pennsylvania and California. He studied in Barcelona in the Fall of 2023 through the SIS program and recommends a hike to the top of the Bunkers for an amazing view overlooking the city. Dakota also suggests you try all types of restaurants in Barcelona – whether you want a quality, inexpensive meal or looking to splurge at a steakhouse. A fun fact about Dakota is that he loves to snowboard. While in Spain, he had the opportunity to take a road trip to Switzerland at the end of the semester for a ski trip at Verbier 4Vallées. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, his expertise includes independent travel and navigating Barcelona’s public transportation system.

Rosalina Macon
North Carolina A&T State University

Rosalina is from Columbia, South Carolina but she attends North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, North Carolina. She studied at the Universitat de Barcelona (UB) and her top Barcelona recommendation would be to attend a Barça game, because you get to see and feel the pride surrounded around fútbol in the arena and you might even learn some new Spanish or Catalan words while you’re there. A little known fact is that she cannot do a cartwheel. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, her Barcelona expertise would include living in a homestay, studying abroad as a person of color, navigating Barcelona with curly hair, and studying at the UB.

Pablo Quispe
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Pablo is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and he’s a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Pablo studied in Barcelona during the Fall 2023 semester through the SIS+UPF program. One fun fact about him is that he enjoys going to concerts. His favorite neighborhood in Barcelona is Gràcia, as there are lots of restaurants and dessert spots to eat at. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Pablo’s expertise revolves around living in a homestay, and traveling locally and sustainably.

Sarafina Rule
St. Olaf College

Sarafina is an international student at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, but Kenya will always be home to her. She studied abroad at the School for International Studies (SIS) during the Fall 2023 semester. A little known fact about Sarafina is that she likes to sing and write songs which she plays on her ukulele when nobody is around to hear.  Her top Barcelona recommendation is to stroll through the Born neighborhood – it’s a vibrant neighborhood with narrow streets and has lots of charming boutiques, cafés and restaurants. As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Sarafina is open to sharing her experience studying abroad as a person of color, and as a non-American international student. Her expertise also includes living in the residence hall and providing you with the basic need-to-know Spanish phrases to help you get by.

Alex Rounsoville
University of Miami

Alex is currently a Junior pursuing a degree in Music Industry and Communications at the University of Miami, but his hometown is Dallas, Texas. During the Fall 2023 semester, he studied in the SIS+UPF program. Alex’s top Barcelona recommendation is to attend the weekend street fairs, where local vendors are set up with jewelry, clothing and food. There’s also usually live music and overall they’re a great place to meet more locals in Barcelona! As a Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador, Alex would love to connect with any student and he can personally speak on his experience as a Black and gay person in Barcelona.

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