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Brandon Burbank


Whatcom Community College
Studied Abroad at BIC (now SIS)
Brandon is from Whatcom Community College, and studied abroad with a Customized Program from WCCCSA during the Fall of 2015.

If you were to sum up your Barcelona experience in one to two words, what would you say? My Barcelona Experience is…

Finding yourself

Explain why you chose those words.

I got to know and understand myself. I could see myself from a whole different perspective in this world. I felt like I was finally starting my own life apart from everything I have been exposed to by influences.

What was your favorite place to eat in Barcelona? Favorite food?

La casa de Montse Fideua

What was your favorite tour, day trip, or cultural activity? Why?

The trip to Morocco. 

Is there a site in Barcelona that you would recommend to future students that may be a little more “off the beaten path”?

Seriously just meeting locals.

What is one piece of advice that you have for future students coming to Barcelona?

Challenge yourself by avoiding English and get out of your comfort zone.