At Barcelona SAE, we believe that study abroad should be affordable and accessible to ALL students. In addition to our low program costs, Barcelona SAE works with your home institution to accept most forms of financial aid…and we also have a wide variety of scholarships and grants to help you bring your costs down even further!

The state and federal financial aid that you apply at your home institution can often be applied to your study abroad program, including: Parent PLUS Loans, Stafford Loans, Pell Grants, and many more. You will need to confirm with both your study abroad and financial aid advisors that the aid that you are eligible for can be used for a Barcelona SAE program, and we’ll work with you and your home institution to make the payment process as smooth as possible.

We also have budget sheets as a resource for students as they start to plan for their study abroad experience financially.

Barcelona SAE is the leading study abroad and internship provider in Barcelona, and we provide low cost programming without sacrificing quality. All of our programs include exceptional advising services, a myriad of onsite cultural immersion activities and excursions, combined with top-notch academics and living arrangements. We’re among one of the most affordable programs in Barcelona, with the most included…which means you won’t find a better program in Barcelona at a lower price!

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I've already been talking to a couple friends from my home university about Barcelona SAE and I have been able to say nothing but GREAT things. It was the perfect program for me, and coming alone from my school really helped me meet my best friends and thrive in a whole new amazing and huge city. It was overwhelming at first but every aspect of the program made that feeling go away so quick. I felt safe with all of the resources provided in Barcelona and everything went very smoothly the entire time."

Mallory McCormick | North Carolina State University

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