While Barcelona SAE program fees are part of what you will spend during your time studying or interning abroad, there are other expenses that you will want to know about when budgeting for your Barcelona experience. Notably,  this includes round-trip airfare, food, extra travel expenses, visa fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

The budget sheets below will give you an idea of the true “all-in” cost of your Barcelona SAE program so you can start to plan financially. Please note that all of these amounts are estimated costs, as the real numbers can vary based on individual spending habits and exchange rates. This is a good exercise for you to create a budget for yourself for your stay in Barcelona. If you will be using financial aid towards the cost of your program, you can refer to this document during your conversation with your financial aid officer.


Frugal Frankie enjoys his experience in Barcelona but looks for ways to save money. He participates in program activities, finds free activities, gets creative with entertainment, and doesn’t eat out too much.

Average Alex enjoys Barcelona through the program activities, but also decides to pay for other activities, eats out a little more often, and travels outside of Barcelona more often.

Extravagant Ellis doesn’t worry at all about spending and ends up paying much more for her time abroad by going to Starbucks vs. a local café, traveling outside of Barcelona every weekend, and always taking taxis instead of public transportation. 

Ruth DeWit

The included activities were the best part of the Barcelona SAE was great to have organized ways to see parts of the country that I would not have seen on my own!

Ruth DeWit | University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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