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    Use the city as your classroom! Study at the top universities, grow through a tailored internship, immerse yourself in the local culture, and create life long friendships and memories.

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  • Study Abroad or Intern Abroad in Beautiful Barcelona!

    Create YOUR Barcelona experience with our wide variety of study abroad and internship programs, and earn credit towards your major, minor, or general electives at your home institution!

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  • Now Offering Internships for Credit!

    Receive academic credit for your internship in Barcelona! Barcelona SAE has three different options to get you the professional experience you want while meeting the academic objectives you need. 

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  • Experience our Unique Barce-Local Curriculum!

    From our weekly cultural activities in Barcelona, to day trips and weekend excursions that mix historical tours with modern events, we’ll get you off the beaten path!

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  • Create Your 100% Customized Faculty-Led Program!

    With our emphasis on cultural and language immersion, we can design a customized program from the ground up that’s suited for any academic topic! You can focus on the teaching, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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