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Barcelona, My Dearest Lover
If I found a way, I would keep running back to you…
Lilit Grigoryan

April 18, 2024

Culture Shock’s Twin Sister
As students studying abroad, we really only work to prepare ourselves for culture shock. Though there isn’t a way around it, we know that two things are guaranteed: that we will experience it at some...
Rosalina Macon

March 5, 2024

Staff Highlight – Sebastián Kramm
Meet Sebastián Kramm, Barcelona SAE’s Student Advising & Enrollment Coordinator. Sebastian joined the team in September 2023 and looks forward to working with our students!
Barcelona SAE

February 8, 2024

El Primer Paso – The First Step
Montserrat is a gorgeous mountain that sits one hour from Barcelona. Many people go to hike or take the cable car up to catch the beautiful view. During my semester in Barcelona, I hiked Montserrat...
Rosalina Macon

January 30, 2024

Mallory McCormick

I've already been talking to a couple friends from my home university about Barcelona SAE and I have been able to say nothing but GREAT things. It was the perfect program for me, and coming alone from my school really helped me meet my best friends and thrive in a whole new amazing and huge city. It was overwhelming at first but every aspect of the program made that feeling go away so quick. I felt safe with all of the resources provided in Barcelona and everything went very smoothly the entire time.

Mallory McCormick | Human Biology/Spanish
North Carolina State University | SIS + UPF


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