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Erin Roegner

Erin Roegner


Illinois Wesleyan University
Customized Program Participant

Erin is a Nursing major from Illinois Wesleyan University, and studied abroad through a Customized Program during Spring 2017. 

What was your housing experience like? Did you live in an apartment with other students? A homestay with a local family? A residence hall on your Barcelona campus?

I lived in a homestay with a local family. When asked what my favorite part of my study abroad experience is, I always talk about my host family. I lived with a wonderful host mom who cooked the best meals and made me feel comfortable and like one of her own daughters. She referred to us as “mis niñas americanas”. Each day, I looked forward to eating with my host mom and two host sisters during dinner as we laughed and talked about our days…all in Spanish of course! This is where I also gained my confidence in my Spanish speaking skills. My homestay family was absolutely incredible, and I still keep in contact with them today.

If you had one perfect day in Barcelona where would you go, and what would you do?

If I had one perfect day in Barcelona, I would wake up early and watch the sunrise on the Barceloneta beach. I would then go for a run on one of the beautiful trails on Tibidabo. After running, I would meet up with some of my friends for a meal at Brunch and Cake by the Sea, and eventually, I would spend the afternoon walking along the Barceloneta beach and make my way to one of my favorite gelato spots in the middle of the Gothic Quarter. I then would make my way to the Bunkers and watch the orange and pink sunset over the city. To end the day, I would hop on the bus back to Sarria Sant Gervasi where I would return home to eat dinner and spend time with my host family.

What is one piece of advice that you have for future students coming to Barcelona?

My one piece of advice that I have for future students coming to Barcelona is to stay with a homestay family!! Even if you are hesitant about living with another family, do it because you will not regret it. You learn so much from your host family and most likely, you won’t have an opportunity like this to live in a homestay again. You can live in an apartment anywhere you go, so definitely push yourself out of your comfort zone for a short period of time. You’ll be able to practice and improve your conversational Spanish speaking skills and also make friendships with your host family that’ll last a lifetime.

Why was Barcelona SAE the right program for you?

Barcelona SAE was the right program for me because it allowed me to study abroad as a nursing major, something most nursing majors don’t have the opportunity to do. Barcelona SAE was able to set up observations for us in hospitals in Barcelona and also allowed us the capability to video call back to our university at home in order to hear lectures for our nursing courses. Not only did they allow me the opportunity to study abroad, but they also provided many activities and recommendations for things to do and see around the city.

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