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Giselle Velasquez

Giselle Velasquez


Baruch College
Interned Abroad

Giselle is an Accounting major from Baruch College, and interned abroad during Summer 2017.

If you were to sum up your Barcelona experience in one to two words, what would you say? My Barcelona Experience is…

Muy Guay

Explain why you chose those words.

“muy guay” is a common phrase spoken in Spain that means “very cool.” My experience in Barcelona was definitely super cool and I started to feel like a local and caught on to some Spanish phrases.

What was your favorite place to eat in Barcelona? Favorite food?

Milk Bar & Bistro was my favorite place. I fell in love with the brunch menu’s offered at various restaurants in Barcelona. I tried Milk’s “Morning Glory” french toast and it was to die for! I discovered that Barcelona has an incredible food scenery and I wish I could stay to try more places!

If you had one perfect day in Barcelona where would you go, and what would you do?

I would roam around the streets near the gothic quarter and I would happen to stroll upon a castellers performance. I would cheer them on and be filled with excitement and fear watching the tower build. Once the performance is over, I would grab some gelato and make my way over towards Parc de la Cuitadella. I would bring a blanket and have a picnic with some friends in the park and maybe even lay out in the sun to work on my tan. At the end of the night, we would all make our way up to bunkers and watch the sunset.

What is one piece of advice that you have for future students coming to Barcelona?

Let yourself be completely open and try new things. I would never have thought I would try snail, but I did it and I’m happy I did. Also, challenge yourself to be a local, it will make your experience in Barcelona that much more meaningful.

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