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Hannah Grunbaum

Hannah Grunbaum


Saint Mary's College of California
Studied Abroad at SIS

Hannah is a Communications major from Saint Mary's College of Califolrnia, and studied abroad at SIS during Summer 2016.

If you were to sum up your Barcelona experience in one to two words, what would you say? My Barcelona Experience is…


Explain why you chose those words.

Barcelona has so much to offer. Around every corner there are always new adventures. BCN is a very busy city, therefore there is so much to do and fun to be had!

What was your favorite place to eat in Barcelona? Favorite food?

My favorite place to eat in Barcelona was the Las Ramblas market. There was so much to choose from. Specifically, I really enjoyed the empanadas, fruit, and juices!

What was your favorite tour, day trip, or cultural activity? Why?

My favorite cultural activity was the cooking class! I had so much fun learning how to cook some of the traditional dishes such as paella! It was delicious!

Is there a site in Barcelona that you would recommend to future students that may be a little more “off the beaten path”?

I would recommend going up to the Bunkers of Carmel! It is an incredible view of the whole city. It is absolutely breath taking!

If you had one perfect day in Barcelona where would you go, and what would you do?

I would walk around the Gothic, do some shopping and then find a cafe for breakfast and coffee. After, I would further explore the city by foot, and find a hole-in-the-wall restaurant and have a great lunch!

What was something you were surprised to learn about Barcelona or Spain? Or what aspect of the country or city were you least expecting?

I did not realize how much there is to do in Barcelona. One day I would be hiking a mountain, and then next I am laying on on the beach! How great is that!?

What is one piece of advice that you have for future students coming to Barcelona?

Don’t be afraid to try new things! You never know what you will like!

Why was Barcelona SAE the right program for you?

Barcelona SAE was the right program for me because it offered the courses I needed over the summer. The program also has the greatest professors who truly care about your education and your overall experience in Barcelona. I also enjoyed being able to travel to other countries while studying abroad!

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