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Lexi Johnson

Lexi Johnson


University of Colorado - Colorado Springs
Studied Abroad at SIS

Lexi is a Psychology major from the University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, and studied abroad at SIS during Spring 2015.

What are you up to these days? Have you graduated? Are you working? How did your experience in Barcelona have an impact on your life?

I recently graduated from UC Colorado Springs. I had such a wonderful experience during my semester at BIC (now SIS) that I stayed even longer by means of the “Best of the Best” internship with Barcelona SAE! I love Barcelona so much, so it was such a thrill to be able to stay for a few more months than I initially planned to truly experience all that the city has to offer.

If you were to sum up your Barcelona experience in one to two words, what would you say? My Barcelona Experience is…

Saying YES!

Explain why you chose those words.

Barcelona is not the place to be hesitant, so when something is offered to you (whether that’s a day trip, a tour, or a night out!) you need to say YES! Get the most of your time in Barcelona…because it’s not the time to be concerned with getting eight hours of sleep or staying within your comfort zone. Now is the time to explore and become more adventurous. So while in Barcelona, just say YES to new experiences!

What was your favorite place to eat in Barcelona? Favorite food?

Flax and Kale! They have an amazing vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian menu and the pinxos are incredible! There are so many places to find Pinxos but I have found the best ones to be in El Born.

What was your favorite tour, day trip, or cultural activity? Why?

Basque Country was incredible! We packed so much into such a small amount of time, but how else were we going to be able to see the countryside of Spain!?

Is there a site in Barcelona that you would recommend to future students that may be a little more “off the beaten path”?

I loved Petrol Street – the whole street is devoted to fashion, art, and chocolate!

If you had one perfect day in Barcelona where would you go, and what would you do?

In no particular order:

  • A picnic on the beach.
  • Dinner at Flax and Kale OR a Pinxos place in El Born.
  • Exploring and shopping my way through the alleys and side streets near La Rambla and Placa Catalunya.
  • Drinks at a crowded local bar with new, but good, friends!

What was something you were surprised to learn about Barcelona or Spain? Or what aspect of the country or city were you least expecting?

People, or the youth, do actually party until the sun rises on the weekends, and they also go to clubs during the week. Siesta time is a real thing, because when else are people going to sleep? The daily schedule is so shocking to me…class/work starting at any time in the morning, and then around 1:30pm you’ll have a giant lunch, 2:30pm siesta, go back to class/work until late, eat dinner around 9:00pm, and then maybe go out for drinks or to the discotech until the sun rises! 

What is one piece of advice that you have for future students coming to Barcelona?

Say yes to what scares you. Obviously this is within reason…but say yes to staying up to see the sunrise, yes to the new bar/club, yes to the day trips and tours. You will be pleasantly surprised and proud of yourself for expanding your comfort zone.

Why was Barcelona SAE the right program for you?

Barcelona SAE really helped me expand my cultural lenses during my semester abroad. My classes focused on culture, history, and language, and there were so many opportunities to immerse myself in Spanish and Catalan culture. Due to my experience, I feel as though I have a better understanding of how other countries function. Barcelona SAE is THE best choice by far for a study abroad program in Barcelona!

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