Ideally, study abroad programs allow students to take courses abroad that fulfill graduation requirements at home. Because Barcelona SAE works only with recognized universities in Barcelona, there is usually no difficulty arranging the transfer of credit back to the home school. Nonetheless, advanced planning is crucial to ensure that both the home university and the host university have approved students’ course selections before going overseas.

Barcelona SAE requires, as part of the application process, that students receive written approval from their home school study abroad advisor, academic advisor, or academic dean for the courses they wish to take abroad.


After students have completed their coursework at their Barcelona host institution (SIS, UAB, UB and/or UPF) and have made all of the appropriate payments, the home institution will be issued a transcript from the host school via Barcelona SAE. In addition to the official transcript, we also provide a transcript translation sheet to facilitate faster acceptance of overseas credits.

The process usually takes about 8 – 10 weeks after the completion of the study abroad program. Please keep in mind that academic records will not be released if a student has any outstanding financial obligations to the host university or to Barcelona SAE. If you have any questions about a student transcript, please contact us!


Have students applying to graduate school or need an additional transcript? Please email us at

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I found that the academic portion of the program was fulfilling because three of my classes had some focus on either Spain's history or the Mediterranean region. It made my experience very immersive in the culture of Spain within the classroom. I think I learned a lot about the history of Spain, Spain's sustainability goals, and the food in the Mediterranean.

Nicole Kelly | University of Miami

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