Unfortunately, I speak little to no Spanish. Can I still study or intern abroad?

Absolutely! Barcelona SAE is proud to offer study abroad programs for a variety of majors, with a variety of courses in English! In addition, most of our study abroad programs give students the option to take Intensive Spanish Language courses – so you can take courses for your major, minor, or general electives in English, while also having the opportunity to brush up on your Español!

Will I be accepted to a Barcelona SAE program?

Each program has different requirements including GPA and in some cases class standing and language prerequisites. For each program's specific requirements refer to the program page.   

When is my application due?

All of our application deadlines can be found on our main Dates & Costs page.

Do you accept applications all year?

Yes! All programs and internships do have an application deadline, but we accept applications on a rolling basis. The earlier you apply for a specific term, the better chances for you to get all the classes, internship options, and housing preferences you want.

What happens when I submit my application?

After submitting your application and paying your application fee, you will be contacted by a Barcelona SAE advisor and asked to submit additional forms depending on your program of interest. After the required pre-acceptance forms are submitted, a Barcelona SAE advisor will review your materials, alert you of your acceptance and prompt you to pay the $500.00 confirmation deposit (if required by your program) to hold your spot on the program. You'll also need to complete additional post-acceptance forms before boarding your flight to Barcelona.

Is the application fee refundable?

The application fee is not refundable, however, if you're not accepted it will be refunded back to you. If you’re accepted and decide not to go, there are no refunds.

When is my program balance due?

You can view our payment deadlines & refund policy here.

How do I pay my program balance?

Credit Card

You can pay online here: Please note that a 1.9% processing fee will be applied for this option.


Checks can be made out to Barcelona SAE Inc. and mailed to:

Barcelona SAE
3 Ferry Street, Studio 2 West
Easthampton, MA 01027


You can also submit a funds transfer to:

Bank Name: Bank of America
Account Name: Barcelona SAE Inc.
Account #: 138110439349
Routing (Wire) #: 026009593
Bank Address: 222 Broadway, New York NY 10038 (US Dollars)
Bank Address: 555 California Street, San Francisco CA 94104 (Foreign Currencies)

Do you accept financial aid or offer scholarships?

Yes! We accept most forms of financial aid, and also offer some great scholarships.

In addition to using your financial aid and getting additional scholarships, Barcelona SAE is among the most affordable programs in Barcelona with the most included – we want students of all backgrounds to have the opportunity to study or intern abroad, so we try to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. If you already have financial aid at your home institution, you may be able to use some if not all of your aid towards study abroad programs. Ask your university’s study abroad and financial aid offices for more details.

How safe is Barcelona?

Generally speaking, Barcelona is a very safe city! The biggest concern for visitors and tourists, as with many major American and European cities, is pickpocketing and petty crime. With that said, it is important to be aware of your surroundings at all times, especially in cafes, the metro, and tourist areas. Many thieves are not afraid to engage and distract victims while trying to take a wallet or phone. Conceal your valuables and never walk around with large amounts of cash. Just remember, staying alert and aware of your surroundings will make you a difficult target for pickpockets. 

Barcelona SAE has a very detailed Health & Safety policy and Emergency Response Plan.  Additionally, our onsite staff is always available to our participants 24/7 via an Emergency Phone. 

What mental health resources are available onsite in Barcelona?

When traveling abroad it is important to continue to follow any treatment you have been following at home. We have multiple partnerships with English-speaking specialists that have a lot of experience working with international students who are available to you, usually through your provided insurance (be sure to check the online student guide for an explanation of benefits). Additionally, our staff has a number of resources and training on dealing with managing anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexual assault, grief and loss as well as major incidents that may occur.

Each participant is assigned a staff mentor upon arrival and can contact that person to talk about any issues while in Barcelona. Participants may also call our 24/7 emergency phone number to reach our staff at any time. 

Where will my housing be located?

Housing for the program is spread throughout the city of Barcelona. Every neighborhood is easily accessible by public transportation and the city is very walkable, and the normal commute in Barcelona is 45 – 60 minutes using public transportation. Each neighborhood has a different feel…Les Corts is where the soccer stadium is, Gracia is hipster and bohemian, Eixample has a gay friendly district, Sagrada Familia has the best shopping, while Sant Marti & Poblenou are tech powerhouses.

Will I be guaranteed my first choice of housing?

While we make every effort to provide your preferred form of housing, we cannot guarantee that all personal preferences are met. We have carefully selected safe and adequate housing for each student but each living arrangement is different. We won't accept any preference changes less than one month before arrival. There are generally no housing changes allowed after the program starts, however, exceptions due to health & safety issues will be considered.

Who will I be living with?

In apartments, there will be 3-6 students per apartment with communal living spaces. You’ll most likely share a room unless you picked otherwise on your housing form. We have worked with different agencies for many years that provide us with apartments for our students and interns.

In a homestay, you’ll live with a local family or individual. You may share a room and/or the homestay with other students and interns as well. Housing is one of the most important things to consider when living abroad, that’s why we work with homestays that we know will take care of you and will make you feel at home. We really want you to be comfortable in your house and to have a good time in Barcelona.

No matter where you live, it is important that you are respectful of those you live with.

What is the cost to reserve a single room?

You can opt to pay a $300/month supplement for a single room (if available on a first-come, first-served basis). Please note that single rooms cannot be guaranteed.

Will I be able to make friends?

Yes! Participants on our programs are from colleges and universities across the country, you will have the chance to meet fellow participants in your housing, in your classes and on program activities. 

In terms of making friends with locals, we encourage you to attend our networking and language immersion events. Here you will get to practice your Spanish (and Catalan!) while meeting local students.  You will also be able to meet locals in your internship placement, by staying in a homestay and choosing a program where locals will be in your classes (like the UB or UPF). 

What does the cost of your program include?

Our programs includes the tuition and fees, your official university transcript, logistical & cultural orientations, housing for the duration of the program (and homestays include breakfast/dinner!) comprehensive medical & accident insurance, 24-hour emergency support, day trips and weekend/overnight excursions outside Barcelona, many cultural & social activities, and so much more!

Can I transfer credits back to my home university?

Of course! Before embarking on your Barcelona adventure we work with you and your university to get your classes pre-approved by providing syllabi and course descriptions for you to take to your advisor and study abroad office. This is a necessary step you must take in order to ensure transfer credit will be accepted by your university. Our advisors and your study abroad office are here to help with any of your questions. 

What is the difference between doing an internship and doing study abroad in Barcelona?

Studying abroad means you will be taking courses to earn credits for your major, minor, or electives just like you would do on your college campus. Internships involve working in a company hands-on fit to your major or field of interest, and you don’t have to be a student! You can do both study abroad and an internship to get the most out of your experience in Barcelona!

How old do I have to be to participate in a Barcelona SAE program?

Due to liability reasons, all participants must be 18 years of age by the start of their Barcelona SAE program, unless they are participating in a customized program through their home institution and have home institution approval.

Can I talk to an alumnus of your programs?

Absolutely! If you would like to talk to an alumnus of Barcelona SAE, we'd be happy to put you in touch with someone. Please contact us at for details, or check out the My Barcelona Experience section of our website to hear from our past participants.

Unfortunately, I speak little to no Spanish. Can I still intern in Barcelona?

Absolutely! Barcelona SAE is proud to offer 6, 8 and 12 week internships for a variety of majors, and we also offer placements in English and Spanish! With that said, the more specialized the field, the more helpful it'll be for you to know some Spanish (i.e. Engineering placements are easier to find with some Spanish background, whereas Business placements are widely available in English).

Also, please remember that all of our internship programs include Intensive Spanish Language courses so that you can improve your Español!  Interns will typically begin these classes on their 2nd or 3rd week, with alternating schedules from their internships (i.e. if a student interns in the mornings, they will take Spanish in the afternoons).

Does my internship need to be relevant to my major?

No. We understand that students have career interests beyond their major and we have a variety of internship placements available to students with all language levels. If we don’t already have an internship placement in your preferred field, we will be happy to search for one that fits your preferences!

Are the internships arranged prior to arrival? How far in advance will I know what my internship is?

Internships are arranged prior to departure...although we cannot predict how far in advance you'll know your placement, due to the nature of our internships and how customized they are towards the individual goals of each student. Once students pay their application deposit, a Barcelona SAE Program Advisor will arrange a Skype interview, so that we can get to work as soon as possible on finding a placement that's the best match for each and every student.

Once I arrive on site, am I able to switch internship placements?

We have had students in the past switch internship placements, however, this is only in extremely rare situations with extenuating circumstances. To prevent this, we do in depth student interviews to ensure that the match is as mutually beneficial as possible for both the company and the student.

What will my responsibilities be within my internship?

While responsibilities will vary based upon the internship placement, Barcelona SAE works hard to ensure that each experience is meaningful and educational. Thus, students will often have interviews or meetings with their placement to observe what skills a student possesses, and how best to work with these skills.

Can I receive credit for my internship?

All in-person interns will be required to take our Global Internship Experience Course for 1 credit.

If you would like to receive additional academic credit through our internship school of record, Jacksonville University, there is an additional fee of $600 for 3 credits (6 or 8 weeks) or 6 credits (12 weeks only).

Alternatively, many students are able to arrange credit approval through their home institution. Contact your study abroad office, academic advisor, or career services to see if this option is available at your school.

Is there a possibility of hire after the internship?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to obtain a Spanish work visa. However, we have had many alumni tell us that their Barcelona SAE Internship was an immediate talking point at interviews and often was the reason they were hired at a job! "I would not have been hired for my new job without my Barcelona internship experience!" -Abbie W., University of Minnesota.

Why should I pay for an internship?

Interning abroad is a lot like studying abroad. You can expect the same level of support and inclusions as you would from a semester at your home university, or a semester at a foreign university. But, because you aren't paying tuition, interning abroad tends to be a lot more affordable. Our programs are fully-stocked with housing, insurance, cultural activities, and language classes as well.
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The most valuable thing I learned during my time abroad is how being able to adapt to new cultural working environments is increasingly becoming more important. My Barcelona experience has impacted me by giving me a sense of direction - I was able to weigh the differences between working in the US and in Spain and how those two scenarios may give me two distinctive realities for the future I choose. Throughout my internship, I learned how to familiarize myself with a business plan, what that plan should entail, and the necessities of a successful startup launch."

Esteban Santana | Baruch College

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