You have just returned home from an amazing time abroad; you saw new places, met new people, and were completely integrated into another culture.

You may have learned a lot about yourself and even re-examined your priorities, values, and what you think of the United States and the culture you were brought up in. How can you keep your experience alive for years to come, and even use it to enhance your marketability in the workplace? Take a look at some of our Returnee Resources below.

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Be kind to yourself as you make the transition back to daily life and give yourself time to go through all the stages of reverse culture shock. Try not to compare your time abroad with home, but instead, be grateful for how both places and experiences have transformed you. Remember that while this specific experience has come to an end, the lessons you’ve learned will last a lifetime. And, if you start longing for another adventure, Barcelona is always calling!

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The staff at Barcelona SAE were so welcoming and made me feel prepared to study abroad in a new environment. The city of Barcelona is incredible, from the architecture to the history to the food, it is simply stunning. The friends I have met on this program have been amazing and it has been awesome building new relationships!"

Chloe Schneider | University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

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