Barcelona SAE Academic Center Semester Program

Located in the heart of the city, the Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center at the School for International Studies (SIS) boasts the best local and international professors while maintaining small class sizes. Individualized attention, group projects and our Barce-Local curriculum sets this program apart.


The Barcelona School for International Studies (SIS) is the perfect "Barce-Local" opportunity for you to take classes that can count towards your major, minor and/or general education requirements while using the city as your classroom. SIS courses are taught in English and Spanish by local faculty and class sizes are small, so you'll get personalized support. Each course includes a variety of cultural activities and exciting field study excursions, so get ready to experience and explore everything Barcelona has to offer!

The Barce-Local Integration Week

A unique feature of this semester program is our Barce-Local Integration Week where students will be given a full week of integration activities before classes begin. The week will include a service learning project, interaction with local students, diversity workshops, guest lectures and language crash courses. In addition, our Cultural Mentor program will help students transition well into the city and set the path for our ongoing cultural curriculum in classes and activities throughout the semester.

Barcelona School for International Studies (SIS)

The Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center at the Barcelona School for International Studies (SIS) is located in the heart of the city and boasts fantastic local and international professors, many of whom are working professionals in the field they teach. SIS maintains small class sizes and focuses on experiential learning, which means that students will get individualized attention and will participate actively during class. Each course includes a variety of field studies, museum visits, and guided reflection that closely tie the courses to the city itself.   

The courses offered at SIS encompass international and cross-cultural topics, focusing on the city by discussing local history, art, architecture, literature and geography. Our Spanish Language courses focus on spoken language skills and include useful tools for students to debrief their experiences both in and out of the classroom.

SIS is a Spanish institution but courses are offered through Jacksonville University (JU) in Florida. JU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

Why Barcelona SIS?

What sets Barcelona SAE’s Academic Study Center (SIS) apart from the rest?

  • Small Courses – Low Faculty to Student Ratio
  • Personalized Attention & High Level of Support
  • American Grading & Evaluation System
  • Barce-Local Integration Week
  • Active Learning & Participation
  • Embedded Technology
  • Guest Speakers
  • Each Courses Includes 3+ Field Studies
  • All SIS Faculty have a Ph.D. or M.A. in their Field
  • All SIS Faculty Approved by Jacksonville University as the School of Record


Minimum G.P.A. Requirement

  • 2.5

Class Requirement

  • Freshman-Senior Standing

Language Requirement

  • Although helpful, no previous Spanish language knowledge is required.

Age Requirement

  • All participants must be 18 years of age by the start of their program, unless they are participating on a customized program through their home institution and have home institution approval.

If you have any questions about whether you meet the requirements, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you decide which Barcelona SAE program is right for you!


Barcelona SAE has worked hard to create a study abroad program that allows you to earn credits towards your major, minor, or general electives. The courses are specifically designed for international students, meaning that you will be able to take course in English and/or have the advantage of learning in Spanish at a pace for non-native or fluent speakers.


The Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center (SIS) is a Spanish institution with U.S. accreditation through Jacksonville University (JU). Upon completion of programs at SIS, students will be responsible for requesting their official JU transcript to send to their home institution for credit.

Course Approval

Before you go abroad, Barcelona SAE strongly recommends that you meet with your study abroad office and/or your academic advisor at your home institution, and are as transparent as possible about your plans. After your acceptance into the program, you will be required to submit an “Approval Contact for Study Abroad” form that will automatically inform your home institution of your intent to participate in a Barcelona SAE program.  The earlier that you plan for your study abroad experience, the easier it will be to get your courses pre-approved and know exactly what transfer credit will be accepted at your home institution. Please remember that it is best to get multiple back up courses pre-approved, as this will give you some flexibility in setting up your class schedule or during the add/drop period. Think about courses that can work towards your major or minor, as well as courses that may fulfill your general education or elective requirements.


Courses at SIS are taught in English and/or Spanish, and the class sizes are small to provide a personalized experience that allows for individual participation and team projects. Each course includes various field studies that use the city of Barcelona as a classroom, as part of the experiential learning experience offered at this school. Also, final grades will be the result of the combination of lectures, field trips, guest speakers, as well as projects, readings, and presentations that will be prepared by the students outside the classroom.

Credit Options

  • Option A (12 credits): 1 Intensive Spanish Language Course (90 Hours) Plus 2 Electives (45 Hours Each)
  • Option B (12 credits): 4 Electives (45 Hours Each)
  • Option C (15 credits): 1 Intensive Spanish Language Course (90 Hours) Plus 3 Electives (45 Hours Each)
  • Option D (15 Credits): 5 Electives (45 Hours Each)

Important Notes

  • Please note that not all courses will be offered every term, and the list below are courses and/or subject areas that have been offered in the past by the host institution. Institutions in Barcelona often do not finalize course listings until the beginning of the term, and as such, this list will be updated as the host institution provides additional information.
  • Please keep in mind that each class needs at least eight students to run.
  • For a complete listing of courses that will occur during your specific term abroad, please contact your Barcelona SAE Advisor.
  • In order to receive credit from the Barcelona SIS school of record, Jacksonville University, students must receive a grade of C or higher.

SIS Course Offerings

  • Tentative course offerings for Fall 2024 are here.
  • Course offerings for Spring 2025 are tentative and will be posted at a later date.
  • Course offerings for Fall 2025 are tentative and will be posted at a later date.
Title Credits Hours
Advanced Spanish Language and Culture - C1 3 45
Architecture and Urban Design: The Barcelona Example 3 45
Arquitectura y Diseño Urbano: El Ejemplo de Barcelona 3 45
Artistas Famosos de Cataluña: Dalí, Picasso, Miró 3 45
Arts Management: International Perspective and Insights into Barcelona's Cultural Scene 3 45
Barcelona: The History of a Global City 3 45
Black Barcelona: The Experience of Race & Ethnicity in Spain 3 45
Catalan Modernisme: Art Nouveau in Barcelona 3 45
Civilización y Cultura Española 3 45
Comida y Cultura en el Mediterráneo 3 45
Contemporary Spanish Society: From Dictatorship to Democracy 3 45
Creativity and Innovation 3 45
Cross-Cultural Approach to Psychology 3 45
Decoding the Secrets of Modern Masterpieces 3 45
Deportes y Sociedad en España y Cataluña 3 45
Diversity in Hispanic Media and Pop Culture 3 45
Elementary Spanish Language and Culture - A1 3 45
European Dictatorships of the 20th Century 3 45
European Sports: Business and Management 3 45
Food and Culture in the Mediterranean Basin 3 45
Fundamentals of Cultural Diversity: Cultural Competence Seminar 1 15
Gender and Identity in Modern Spain 3 45
Gender Studies from an Intersectional Perspective 3 45
Global Politics: American Foreign Policy - A History of US Policy in Western Europe 3 45
Great 20th Century Artists: Picasso, Dalí, Miró 3 45
Intensive Elementary Spanish Language and Culture - A1/A2 6 90
Intensive Elementary/Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture - A2/B1 6 90
Intensive Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture - B1/B2 6 90
Intensive Upper Intermediate/Advanced Spanish Language and Culture - B2/C1 6 90
Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture - B1 3 45
International Business 3 45
International Marketing 3 45
International Organizations: Geopolitics of the European Union 3 45
Introducción a la Literatura Española e Hispanoamericana 3 45
Introduction to Photography 3 45
Jugando con el Español: Aprender a Través de la Experiencia 3 45
Leadership in a Diverse World 3 45
Management Across Borders 3 45
Management and Ethics 3 45
Marine and Aquatic Ecosystems in the Mediterranean 3 45
Peoples of Spain: Cultural Diversity, Past and Present 3 45
Photography in the Contemporary World 3 45
Savoring Spain: Advertising & PR of Spanish Food Products 3 45
Social Movements: Creating Social & Political Alternatives 3 45
Spanish Art: From Prehistory to the Beginning of the 20th Century 3 45
Spanish Civilization and Culture 3 45
Spanish Society Through Film and Television 3 45
Sport, Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact 3 45
Sports and Society in Spain and Catalonia 3 45
Start-Ups and the Emerging Economy: Creating Your Own Business 3 45
Sustainable Development in Spain: Environmental Challenges and Pathways 3 45
The Climate Crisis: Global Perspectives, Mediterranean Contexts 3 45
Three Faiths – One Land: The Coexistence (Convivencia) of Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Medieval and Modern Spain 3 45
Understanding Barcelona: The Geography of a Global City 3 45
Understanding the Spaniards & Other Europeans 3 45
Upper Elementary Spanish Language and Culture - A2 3 45
Upper Intermediate Spanish Language and Culture - B2 3 45
Writing Barcelona Through an Intercultural Lens 3 45

Student Life

Be prepared to pack a lot into your time abroad! Your Barcelona experience will extend well beyond the classroom, and we are there to help you get the most out of it! Not only do we plan tons of Barcelona SAE Cultural Activities to keep you exploring the local culture, we send you a Weekly Cultural Agenda full of events so that you know what is happening throughout the city. You'll also have a Cultural Mentor who will help you to get involved in a club or activity based on your interests.

You'll also enjoy numerous Barcelona SAE Day Trips and Weekend Excursions (locations depend on term/program) that mix historical tours with modern events, while we try to get you off the beaten path to see Spain through a local lens.

And when you're not with us? We'll give you a Barcelona SAE Bucket List with 100 ways to experience the city! Go to a Barça game. Check out the Picasso Museum. Window shop in the Bohemian Gracia District. Discover a new restaurant with your Spanish friends. Why not?! There is no end to what you can do in Barcelona!

Dates & Costs

For a comparison of all of Barcelona SAE’s program dates, costs, and application deadlines, please visit our main Dates and Costs page.

Scholarships & Grants

At Barcelona SAE, we believe that studying and interning abroad should be affordable and accessible to ALL students. In addition to our low program costs, Barcelona SAE works with your home institution to accept most forms of financial aid…and we also have a wide variety of scholarships to help you bring your costs down even further.

Our TODOS Scholarships are focused on removing the barriers that often keep underrepresented groups with high financial need from studying abroad. This group includes, but is not limited to, students with diverse race, ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, or veteran status. 

And did you know that you can receive an automatic $1000 grant towards our SIS Semester Program if your home institution is a Barcelona SAE Affiliate Partner? Ask us how!

We also encourage you to reach out to your financial aid and/or study abroad office to learn about additional scholarship or grant opportunities available from your home institution. You may also want to consider applying for the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship, which offers students up to $5,000 towards education abroad. Please note that you must be a US citizen, already accepted to a study abroad program, and a Pell Grant recipient.

Important Notes

  • The program dates posted here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book your flight until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.
  • Most housing will be in double rooms with students of the same gender (biological sex). If your home institution allows it, you can opt to pay a $300/month supplement for a single room (if available on a first-come, first-served basis). Please note that single rooms cannot be guaranteed.
  • Please note that costs may fluctuate based on currency exchange.

Sep 4, 2024 Dec 14, 2024 $17,295 May 1, 2024
Jan 7, 2025 Apr 12, 2025 TBD Oct 15, 2024

What's Included

Our Semester Program at the Barcelona SAE Academic Study Center (SIS) Includes:
Countdown to Barcelona:
  • Group Webinar and Pre-Departure Preparation
  • Personalized Advising
While in Barcelona:
  • SIS Tuition and Fees
  • Official University Transcript from Jacksonville University
  • Bienvenid@s a Barcelona – Airport Welcome Service
  • Logistical & Cultural Orientations
  • Housing for the Duration of Program (Homestays include Breakfast/Dinner!)
  • Comprehensive Medical & Accident Insurance
  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • English-Speaking Staff
Cultural & Social Activities:
  • The Barce-Local Integration Week
  • The Barcelona SAE Bucket List
  • Overnight and/or Weekend Excursion(s)
  • Day Trip(s) Outside of Barcelona
  • Optional Weekend Excursion to Morocco (Additional cost applies)
  • Weekly Cultural Agenda (The local perspective of what’s happening each week!)
  • Weekly Cultural Activities (Cooking Classes, Dance Lessons, Intercambios, Barrio Tours, and MORE!)
  • Cultural Mentor Program
  • Welcome Activity
  • Re-Entry Workshop & Farewell Meal
For Continued Success After the Program:
  • Alumni & Career Services
  • Invitation to Barcelona SAE’s LinkedIn Alumni Group
  • Opportunity to Apply to be a “Barcelona SAE Alumni Ambassador” on Your Home Campus
  • Invitations to Study Abroad & Internship Returnee Conferences Throughout the U.S.
The Program Does Not Include:
  • Round-Trip Airfare to/from Barcelona
  • Visa Costs (If Applicable)
  • Mobile Phones & Charges
  • Local Transportation
  • Personal Items


Barcelona SAE offers our students a variety of housing options, which means that we have the perfect place in Barcelona for you to call your home away from home. We have carefully selected safe and adequate housing for each student but each living arrangement is different.

Important Notes:

  • Housing in Barcelona is extremely competitive and participants will be placed based on availability. We make every effort to provide you with your preferred form of housing, but due to space limitations we cannot guarantee that you will get your first choice.
  • There are no overnight guests allowed in any program housing. Our staff is happy to share a resource page for hotels and hostels for any visiting friends to use.
  • Most housing will be in double rooms with students of the same gender (biological sex). You can opt to pay a $300/month supplement for a single room (if available on a first-come, first-served basis). Please note that single rooms cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to note this in your housing form.

Where will you live?

Housing for the program is spread throughout the city of Barcelona. Every neighborhood is easily accessible by public transportation and the city is very walkable. The normal commute in Barcelona is around 45 minutes using public transportation from your housing to your school or internship, it may be a bit more or less than this.

Each neighborhood has a different feel…Les Corts is where the soccer stadium is, Gracia is hipster and bohemian, Eixample has a gay friendly district and incredible architecture, Sagrada Familia has wonderful shopping, Sant Marti & Poblenou are tech powerhouses off the tourist path. 


Many students picture homestays as a house in the suburbs, but in fact it will most likely be an apartment in the city with a host family, the same distance to class or your internship as a shared apartment would be. A host family could be a married couple, it may be an older woman living on her own, or it may be a family with children. Most homestays are shared other students on the program, but in your housing preference form you should specify if you prefer to be with other participants or on your own in a homestay.

You should choose a homestay if:

  • You want to live like a local. Students in homestays learn a lot about the local culture and lifestyle firsthand.
  • You want to improve your Spanish. You will eat breakfast and dinner with your family everyday, so you will have plenty of opportunities to practice your language skills. Students in homestays normally see a much larger language skill improvement at the end of the program. You don’t need to speak any Spanish to begin in a homestay, but you will certainly be using it by the time you leave!
  • You want to save money. Homestays provide a daily breakfast and dinner, and will do your laundry for you! This is included in the program, and has been a huge reason many students choose the homestay option.
  • You want a home away from home! You will have your own set of keys, and you are free to come and go when you please without a curfew. Many students say the homestay feels “cozy” and report added support network (like someone to make you soup when you’re sick).

Check out this video for an additional student perspective on being in a homestay!

Student Residence Hall

Most locals live with their parents while they go to university, so dormitories are rare, but there are a few set up to house international students or those that come from outside the city. A student residence normally means a double room, unless you indicate you would like a single room and there is one available, and then shared kitchen areas and common areas including study areas with other students.

You should choose this option if:

  • You'd like to be around more students. Typically the residence halls are home to American students but also students from around Europe/Spain or from other countries.
  • You want a little bit more independence in exploring the city and the culture. We will have cultural activities and excursions for you to participate in, but much of the time you will be on your own to explore.
  • You like to do your own grocery shopping and cooking. You will share the kitchen and be responsible for your own food, cooking and cleaning.
  • Improving your Spanish is not a main goal of yours. Of course there will still be chances to speak Spanish, but you'll need to make an additional effort to meet locals and practice.

Shared Apartments

This choice places you in a shared apartment in the city with 2-6 other program participants. You will be placed in a double room with another student unless you indicate you would like a single room and there is one available. Apartments are spread throughout the city in residential areas so you can expect a 45 minute commute to class or your internship.

You should choose this option if:

  • You'd like to be around students. In the shared apartment you will be sharing the apartment with other participants of the program.
  • You want a little bit more independence in exploring the city and the culture. We will have cultural activities and excursions for you to participate in, but a lot of the time you will be on your own to explore.
  • You like to do your own grocery shopping and cooking. You will share the kitchen and be responsible for your own food, cooking and cleaning.
  • Improving your Spanish is not a main goal of yours. Of course there will still be chances to speak Spanish, but you'll need to make an additional effort to meet locals and practice.

Gender-Inclusive Housing

In order to further empower and support the growing population of LGBTQIA+ students nationally and to further align our in-country student support services with recognized best practices on over 400 U.S. campuses, Barcelona SAE now proudly offers gender inclusive housing as an option for all accepted program participants for all terms.

If you have further questions about gender-inclusive housing, please contact your Barcelona SAE advisor.

Experience the magic of Barcelona SAE