Is your company based in Barcelona and you would like to host a Barcelona SAE intern in your organization?

We are always looking for new host companies throughout Barcelona that are ready to integrate international talent in their office and expand our partner community.


  • Our interns study at well-known international universities
  • Our interns are typically in their 3rd year of university (21-24 years old)
  • Our interns are looking for internships in a field directly related to their studies
  • Our interns are very motivated to gain experience in their field
  • Our interns are native English speakers
  • Our interns have varied levels of Spanish (from beginner to fluent/bilingual)
  • Our interns have their own insurance policy, both Medical and Personal Liability Insurance
  • An internship team director in Barcelona arranges the program
  • Students are interviewed and carefully evaluated by another full-time staff member before being accepted and placed in their position with your organisation
  • Organizations work closely with the internship team staff onsite to make the experience a success
  • These internships are an interesting opportunity for the host companies or organisations to widen their perspective, gain prestige and add international talent in their offices
  • Interns are not paid and most of them come to gain academic credit
  • Internships start at 4 weeks in length and can last up to 4 months
  • The students complete a final project or portfolio to be turned in to the company
  • Both the intern and your company/organization sign an agreement stating that there is no work obligation beyond the internship


  • Provide the intern with real work experience and meaningful tasks.
  • Assign the interns tasks and responsibilities to match their knowledge, skills and training objectives.
  • Assign projects ready for the intern from day one.
  • Provide guidance and support to the intern, and ensure appropriate equipment is available to complete tasks.
  • Incorporate a brief training of the intern on the first day.
  • Appoint a mentor to advise the interns, help them with their integration into the host organization and monitor their training progress.
  • Give the intern an overview of the different aspects of the organisation and introduce them to key team members.
  • Have an open mind and accept that the interns may come with a different work style and way of viewing time, accomplishing tasks, etc.
  • Treat the placement as a learning experience for the intern.
  • Share your culture and your way of business with the intern.
  • Provide practical support if required and facilitate understanding of the culture.
  • Provide Barcelona SAE with a brief description of the organization.
  • Provide Barcelona SAE with an outline of the job description and the tasks to be undertaken.
  • On average, students will dedicate 20+ hours per week to the internship placement. The schedule is flexible and will be determined in conjunction with your needs.


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My internship through Barcelona SAE was the experience of a lifetime and I enjoyed every second of it! Once you graduate, it’s so important to stand out as a unique applicant when you enter the job search - and being able to say you interned abroad puts you at the top of the list. You learn and adopt skills that you couldn't have gained otherwise."

Amanda Detmer | Jacksonville University

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